For your further reference, you are kindly requested to note the followings when PLANING TRIP to China.

ҧ  When you plan to travel ,a responsible tour operator and the sales person are the prime important. Beside you get to make sure that you are accessed to their boss whom you know or you are recommended, in case of need ,you are well looked after.

ҧ  If you are a first time visitor to China, you are recommended to do some homework on China, try to avoid discovering China without any mind preparation.

ҧ   English language is comparatively not so popular used in China, though service desks at railway, airport, and above 4star hotel, some 3 star hotels are equipped. Taxi, Buses, Shops, On Street, Public Areas etc on the whole do not have English services. If your time is tight planned, would suggest you get an English speaking interpreter or guide to travel with you.

ҧ   Air Tickets. To make sure that your travel is smooth, you are advised to purchase your intҧl return air tickets along with destination domestic air tickets, in case cheaper air fare is offered in the opposite supplier , you may also authorize your agent to do the domestic portion.

ҧ   Breakfast and Bed. Check in above 4star hotel , normally hotel provide buffet breakfast with orient and western style, in 3star hotel and lower category, breakfast is most Chinese style. There are no triple beds equipped in over 4star hotels, if extra bed required, the possible way is to put an small removable bed into the twin room. Under 3star hotel ,some triple rooms equipped. Over all , between 3-4star hotels, the room size is rather small.

ҧ  Food in China. China is a large country with dynamic culture. Food style differs from one area to another. Normally people in northern , northwestern and central China prefer more flour-made products, salty flavor, light taste, coast regional places , people enjoy more rice, sea food, light flavor, while people in south and southwestern China eat more rice, spicy hot and sour flavor. For people from SAARC countries, would suggest you open heart to try all kinds of flavor, certainly not the non-veg.you donҧt take. Food can only be provided at the request, otherwise local guide shall recommend you where you may go and arrange on your own.

ҧ  India food. These days , India restaurants available in almost all over China cities, these owned and run by Indiansҧ restaurants provide excellent and authentic taste to those who want to try Chinese food for lunch and Indian food for dinner.

ҧ  Travel Peak Season. The best season traveled to China normally are between mid of April to mid of November. Some typical climate which can consult your journey and interest are : Between Jan and Feb, you may select the Ice Festival in northern Chin, while the same period is the best season for Hainan Island, these two are the peak travel season for these region. Somehow, traveling to Yunnan where locates along the borders with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, one can enjoy the excellent mild temperature whole year around.

ҧ  Sightseeing Entrance Fee & Land Transfer. Nowadays traveling in China, the entrance fee to theme parks, heritage sites, some gardens are the same like land transfers by car, coach rent not cheap as before and these items are hardly negotiated.

ҧ  Travel Insurance. Traveling in China is generally speaking save. Somehow travelers are advised to arrange your travel insurance in your home country which can look after international travel insurance. As double lock, China tourism authority requests tour operators to purchase compulsory travel insurance. Yet, China travel insurance as practice can only look after these incidents when happening during the arranged program, but not for these incidents when at free time arrangements and those circumstances when clients are warned.

ҧ  Travel Payment. As rules & regulations, at the time of confirmation for tours, clients are requested to make payment one month ahead of departure ,in order to guarantee the services. Bank transfer or bank draft are the easy and safe way to make the payment.

ҧ  Tips & Shoppings. Tips to guide ,driver, bell boys and anyone who are at your service are normally practiced throughout in China. There are always some souvenirs and local products worth of purchasing, in the tourist shops , your credit cards can be accepted and goods are on the whole negotiable and quality guaranteed.

ҧ  To Travel Cheap . In travel industry, it is like trading business. Cost of each service are based on the size of group members, divided into 2-5 persons , 6-9 persons , 10 persons and above 15 persons, to get the quotation , the more members in a group, the better the rate.

ҧ  Useful Contacts. At the time of your program confirmed and before your departure, we remind your kind attention to ask the tour operators to give you all the useful contact numbers. Such as the contact name/cell no./the responsible persons contact, hotel address, tel.no., the guidesҧ name & cell no.,flight information if purchased in China.

ҧ  Service Includes & Excludes. There are various of packages in your travel. Your program can be fully arranged with meals, or without , with transfer or without, with English speaking guide or without, it is all arranged according to your personal request. Somehow, the cost on laundry, telephone calls, aerated drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages, and anything spent on your own are self-paid.

ҧ  Travel with Joy. When travel away from home is to experience something you can not experience at home. Prepare to go from home , Relax to enjoy away from home , Meditate when unhappiness appears, Smile when difficulties arrives.  

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