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India ,My Forever Career Lifeline



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Dear Friends,

Though returned to China for a year, yet my soul left back on this mysterious and incredible land_ India.

Many people had asked me my feeling, judgment, thought, experience ,compliments and my comments on those 5 years living and working in India , frankly speaking , this is not an easy and simple thing to conclude , but still I would like to share with my dear friends: Five years’ of living and working in India was a remarkable five-year project. A project in the tourism history between China and India which has set up the landmark, the foundation , the growth ,the development and the great potential laying in front of us. Not only this , but the importance of this significances, the tourism and the people to people’s exchanges in the region covering SAARC countries are no doubt sharing the strength, the environment and the advantage which are brining the friendly atmosphere and the good trend for the regional peace and the better standard living of the people .

Alice Wang      Former Director of China Tourism in New Delhi

Dear friends, I can’t hide my feeling , the strange but strong feeling grown in my heart from past 5 years’ overseas life ,the life which is so different, so hard to describe and to compare with my past tourism career when I had traveled widely in globe and even spent my first assignment life in Hong Kong and London in mid 1990s.

Though I am back to China, with my experiences in both tourism entrepreneurs, social work and govt. bodies, I must say that I am more confident and even more proud to continue my serve for our two largest populated nations ,as well as for the friends in SAARC countries. Now in my service supervision , I am sure the brand tour operators of China first batch such as CITS , CTS, CYTS, OTC, EXPO, COMMERCIAL and the China well-known non-government NGO_ the Yunnan Society for China-India Cooperation and Exchange (YNCICE) together shall and will continue to proceed with our effort in the course of building better life and meeting mutual benefit for the people and concerned parties.

During my post in past 5 years , as tourism director based in New Delhi, I had traveled to all the well-known cities and permitted destinations in India and SAARC countries. I at this time, once again would like to thank a million time for my family , for those from China ,India and nearby countries who had given me valuable support and generosities on guidance. It was because of you , I had fulfilled my mission and I had an unforgettable life experience.            To conclude, I want to say : the tourism and people to people’s exchange between China and SAARC Countries especially with India are full of great resources and potentials , there are long way to go and to achieve . With you, my forever career lifeline is firm.

With my love and best wishes to my dear friends,

Yours sincerely,




China and India are the two largest countries of the East; the Yellow River and the Ganges River are the cradles of these two great civilizations. Yunnan has always been an important link and a bridge between China and India, and both countries have a long-standing and well-established historical interaction. With blood and sweat, the two peoples built the Tea-horse Path, the Stilwell Road and the "Hump" Air Route.

Dear friends, you are welcome to our Society! Let's turn a new chapter in our relationship in this 21st century - with common aspirations on progress, development, mutual benefit and prosperity! 



Service Scope

With focus on India and relating South-Asian countries , we provide intermediary services on consultation , exchanges and co-operations for inspections & visits , conferences & seminars , trade shows & business meetings , students & teachers exchanges , culture & tourism and etc



Yunnan Expo Tourism Group Holdings Ltd

Dear Tour Operators and Customers ,

Initiated by Yunnan Expo Tourism Group Holdings Ltd.,we have set up a system working among our organization, tourism authorities and tour operators owned by the Expo Group. In the course of developing the tourism cooperation and exchanges, among China, India and SAARC countries, with specialized team at YNCICE and the resources we have successfully achieved many  results .We appreciate the kind support and delicate cooperation given to us in the past . With our advantage throughout China and regional destinations, we would like to continue our services for hotel reservations ,airport and land transfers, inbound China highlight tours , business , culture and study exchange programs . In addition to our regular travel arrangements , we specialize in facilitating requests on conference plans and incentive groups .


YNCICE has participated in many initiatives since it was established, with the present trend , we are confident to carry on our commitment .


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